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Stuart Goldsmith - Medina

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Stuart Goldsmith - Medina

"..... Many years ago we were a very small company working from my house. At the time I met Marion we were selling ‘Road Alert’ Car alarms, with hindsight a terrible product to sell because of all its technical problems. I was completely snowed-under and I could not see an end to the work involved. I had roped-in all sorts of people to help me including my cleaner!

Marion came to work for me via a friend, and her job was to pack as many road alerts as possible in the time I was employing her which was 4 hours a day. Well to say I was impressed was an under-statement! I had never seen anyone pack them so fast or so neatly and by the time her morning was finished she had created a mountain of packages to mail. I remember thinking to myself: “This girl has potential. If she works as well as this tomorrow I am on to a winner.”

The next day was exactly the same and she worked virtually non-stop. She was happy & so was I and so by the third day I knew I could not let her go. I made her an offer, which was: a considerable pay rise, five mornings a week work, 4 hours each day, then after her shift ended she would stay on for 2 hours a day unpaid & I would train her. She jumped at the chance, and so from that day a special relationship was born, one of trust, mutual respect & friendship. She was keen to learn, so I taught her everything she needed to know to run an office, dealing with customer service, mailings, orders and banking my money - there was nothing she would not try. Marion proved to be so successful I promoted her to Office Manager within months.

Sometime later we had outgrown the house and so Medina rented a small office. We used to sit at opposite ends of the office tapping our fingers, waiting for the postman to arrive or the phones to ring, & when they did there was a rush to answer it. Quiet days – soon to become VERY busy days! Well as far as Medina goes, Marion & I made a fantastic team. I was able to concentrate on writing my courses because I knew for sure Marion would run Medina in my absence as if it were her own, she never let me down. We ran it successfully together for nine years.

Last year I made a decision to retire. Medina had become a huge success with 8 employees (including Marion’s husband Peter) and after all I was a millionaire several times over. I decided the best way forward was for me to set Marion &  Peter up in their own business, which I did, it is called ‘Field Management Services’ they now work together with a team of 4 full time staff running a management and fulfillment business, which is proving to be extremely successful.

Over the years I seen Marion emerge from a shy girl with little confidence, to a successful, hard working confident business woman. They have built a very happy atmosphere where everyone works as a team and each person has been trained to be multi-tasked.

Marion & Peter were my right-hand people for many years, without their dedication, honesty and sheer hard work ‘Medina’ would not have become the success it has, and I would not have been free to do what I do best which is write. On many, many occasions they have saved me money by their diligence, and made me money by finding good quality workmanship at very reasonable prices.

The team at ‘FMS’ will not let you down. I guarantee it.

Stuart Goldsmith



Mike Chantry - Hilite Direct Marketing Services

"......I'm often amazed how many of our clients still handle their own mailing and fulfillment services, thinking it is more cost effective that way.

While I would agree you do need to be careful who you use for mailing and fulfillment it is worth investigating your alternatives. When you find a top supplier they are worth their weight in gold.

A supplier we have no hesitation in recommending in this area is Field Management Services.

 I now have three clients who use Field Management Services for all their fulfillment, that's holding stocks of your product, taking orders by phone, fax, email or postal, banking, sending the product, handling refunds and all subscriber queries.

One of their clients is so confident of the services he's emigrated leaving all of his customer service to them!

Mike Chantry



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